Twice Fortnightly – All Kindsa News!

Hello my lovelies!

It’s been a busy week and I’ve got a bunch of news for you, so let’s get right to it:

  • I did some Camp prep and then started Camp on Friday. I haven’t had the greatest start. I think I can still catch up, but I might lower my word count goal if I need to. I’m reassesing on Friday.
  • I posted a new review on Hubpages.
  • I launched a new website called Zero, Eight, Love. Check it out!
  • I revamped my Patreon page. Check it out if you want to sponsor me!

I also finished an important assignment, so that’s good! So what about this coming week? Well, I will:

  • Keep working on Camp. My goal for next Monday is tentatively 12k. We’ll see…
  • Post for Flash Fiction Friday
  • Post another Hubpages review
  • Post something on Zero, Eight, Love

My main project this month is actually working on my BA thesis, but hopefully I can squeeze quite a bit of other stuff in too! I’m pretty excited about the things I have going on right now, I have to admit. It should be a good summer!

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