Twice Fortnightly – Happy Pride Week!

Hi everyone! Hope y’all are having a lovely Monday.

This week I’m doing something I don’t normally do. It’s Stockholm Pride week, and usually I don’t really participate in it except maybe by watching the Pride Parade but tomorrow I’m going into town to listen to a talk about the portrayal of (even more than averagely) marginalized HBTQ-identities in TV shows. Should be interesting!

I’ve had a pretty productive week this week. I’m trying out a new system for planning my time, which is going fairly well so far. I’ll probably write a bit about it in a few weeks once I’ve gotten some mileage on it. Anyway, this week I have:

  • Continued with Camp. I did not reach 20k sadly, but I am now at 16k so at least I should be able to reach my 25k goal on time.
  • Posted some Flash Fiction Friday. I ended up quite happy with the piece, called The Final Battle.
  • Posted on Zero, Eight, Love.
  • I didn’t write a new hubpages review, but I did get the one from last week up.

And this week? Well, much thesis-ing, obviously. Also:

  • Finish Camp with at least 25k
  • Post a Flash Fiction Friday post
  • Post another hubpages review

No “bonus” goals this week, since I have some writing I need to do for a collaborative worldbuilding project I’m in, for a D&D campaign. It honestly feels really weird that July is almost over. Only 3 weeks now until my BA thesis is due and I think only disbelief is keeping me from freaking out. This should be a very interesting 3 weeks…

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