Twice Fortnightly – Getting my roll/role on!

Exciting news, guys! On Friday I’m playing in my first ever proper tabletop rpg! Wooh! I’ve played two one-offs before with throwaway characters but other than that I’m a newb. I’m playing with some total strangers over Skype and Roll20 so I’m a bit nervous but also very excited. Wish me luck!

This week I have:

  • Kept poking at Camp. I’m now at 2.2k which isn’t where I wanted to be but at least I’ve begun catching up.
  • Done Flash Fiction Friday, with a piece featuring my roleplaying character!

This coming week will be busy work-wise, but even so I will try to:

  • Keep Camping. Goal: 5k a week from now.
  • Do Flash Fiction Friday
  • Actually poke my secret project
  • Post a review on Hubpages

Yes, two of those I just moved up… It’s been a weird week. And now, gentlepersons, it’s time for bed!

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