Twice Fortnightly – The Waiting Game

I did it, guys! I finished my edits! And I’m exhausted! It was a strange week. Total brain-blockage all week, and then edited like a mad woman all weekend. Now the MS is with the proofreaders, and it looks like I’ll hear back from both her and the cover artist on Wednesday. So today I’ve been relaxing, and tomorrow I play the waiting game. It’s been a strange and bumpy ride, writing Dress Rehearsal Rag. Bumpier than writing Going Home in some ways. I will be summarizing what I’ve learned during the process here on the blog, a week or two after its release.

And that’s also my only goal this week: releasing Dress Rehearsal Rag on Kindle and Smashwords. If I finish that before the end of the week, I will also start planning my summer writing or writing-related projects, but we’ll see how that goes.

And if you still haven’t done it, you can enter my giveaway to win a copy of Going Home, a copy of Dress Rehearsal Rag or, if you’re really lucky, both!

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