Twice Fortnightly – Riveting Realizations

I had a lovely realization recently. It was this: in my company account I have a few hundred dollars, money I’ve earned on my freelance translations. I am perfectly allowed to use that money to reinvest in my business by spending it on things relation to my writing (since that is, after all, part of my business). It could even be argued that I should spend it to reinvest in the business.

Do you guys realize what this means? I can throw money at my books and not feel bad (or hungry!) as a result! So I have decided that for Dress Rehearsal Rag, as well as the PoD edition of Going Home, I’m going to actually pay for proofreading. Yay! And I am also going to find a cover artist that isn’t off of Fiverr. Double yay! If you know anyone you can recommend on that front, please let me know because I have no idea where to start looking!

So, other than have awesome realizations, what have I been up to this week? Well, I have:

  • Done my daily writing. Bits’n’bobs, again. And the start of a possibly horrible erotic story I may never finish.
  • Read and finished taking notes on Dress Rehearsal Rag.
  • Planned an upcoming giveaway. Keep your eyes open next week, because that’s when it starts!
  • Prepared the front and back matter for the book.
  • Totally neglected the PoD side of things. But I’m putting it on hold a tiny bit, because I’d like the same person who’ll do my next cover to also do the back-and-spine cover of Going Home.
  • I’ve also started slush pile reading. Exciting!

So, what’s in the cards for this week. Well, I’m getting feedback from some of my beta readers at the end of the week, so I’m actually going to spend some extra time at the day job this week in order to free up time to work through their notes next week. In spite of that, this week I will:

  • Do my daily writing
  • Start working my own notes into Dress Rehearsal Rag
  • Take the cover shot of the above
  • Hopefully, find a cover artist
  • Certainly, find a proofreader
  • Maybe, possibly, perhaps even probably actually look up what formatting I need to do for the PoD edition
  • Update the blog with some exciting news from my writing tribe, on Friday

That’s it, peeps! Now this writer needs sleep.


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  1. Brilliant! Of course you can reinvest – and of course you *should* reinvest. You can’t make money without spending it.

    • Thanks! I’m pretty excited about it. It was a weird realization to make, but now I’ve got a cover artist and a proofreader lined up for Dress Rehearsal Rag (and for doing the P-o-D back and spine cover for Going Home) and it feels awesome! 😀

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