Dress Rehearsal Rag – Blurb!

I had planned to post this on Tuesday but somehow it’s now Friday and I’d totally forgot! Bad Emma! Anyway, I now have an official blurb for Dress Rehearsal Rag. Here it is:

Orryn has a room of her own, a part-time job and, for the first time in her adult life, real friends. If not for her sister’s constant attempts to get her to spend time with her newborn nephew and her new roommate William’s unsettlingly pleasant company, she would be quite at peace. When Wardens, officers of the dreaded morality police, arrive in their rural neighborhood for a surprise inspection, the entire group is reminded that their safe haven isn’t as safe as they’d like to believe.

Dress Rehearsal Rag is the sequel to Going Home and continues to tell the story of Orryn and the others’ life at the commune.

Short and sweet! Hope that piqued your interest! If you’re a book blogger and would like a review copy, let me know! And if you know a book blogger who might be interested, feel free to let them know. And lastly, don’t forget to join my giveaway!

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