Twice Fortnightly – Basically Last Week of School

I was not particularly happy with my progress last week. I did get a few things done, but not as much as I would’ve liked. Here’s what I did: Wrote for 8h. 2/3 of my goal. I am not pleased. I wrote a short piece for Flash Fiction Friday! It was a little spur of the moment piece, but I Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Basically Last Week of School

Twice Fortnightly – Computer Woes

Hello lovelies, I hope this Monday is treating you well so far. I’ve had a calm day myself, a bit of volunteering, lunch with a friend and some practicing for my exam tomorrow. The topic is English Syntax, Phonetics & Phonology, and Semantics. All fun topics. It should go okay. I doubt I’ll get an A, but maybe a B and Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Computer Woes

Twice Fortnightly – New Effort

The past week wasn’t a great week, writing-wise. I only managed 6h out of my intended 7, and even that’s while rounding up if I’m being honest. I barely touched my conlanging, and gave myself a pass on Flash Fiction Friday because I was exhausted and empty-headed. I did work a fair bit on my #12for12stories February story, though. It’s coming along, Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – New Effort

Twice Fortnightly – Bit of a Slump

Last week wasn’t great, writing wise. I was busy, I was tired, and I also planned my time badly. So what I ended up doing was this: Spent about 6h on writing. Disappointed about that one. Posted for Flash Fiction Friday. Picked a story for my #12for12stories short, but didn’t look at it yet. Had a crit group meeting, productive as Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Bit of a Slump

Twice Fortnightly – Linguistic Love, and News to Come

I have started my, effectively, second week of school and can I just say: holy shit I love linguistics! I mean, technically I’ve been doing linguistics for a while now, but there’s a big difference between working independently, and very very slowly, on a paper and going to actual lectures with reading and fun examples and exercises. It’s just such Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Linguistic Love, and News to Come

Twice Fortnightly – School’s On!

School has now officially started for me, and so far I’m off to a good start! Weird to go from barely having classes to having classes 4 days the same week, though. Writing wise, last week I: Posted a weird little Flash Fiction Friday. Edited the rest of ABMF, but did not start on the outline. Finished my #12for12stories January Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – School’s On!

Twice Fortnightly – Hello, 2017!

Hi guys! Hope you all have had a good start to 2017. I’ve had a pretty good one myself, I must say. Calm days, working on some long-term planing and centering myself for the coming years, done a bit of cooking and also watched the first two Harry Potter movies (doing one/evening until I start work again in a week). Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Hello, 2017!

Twice Fortnightly – One of Those Good Weeks

Is it feeling like fall yet where you are? Or spring, for my readers “down under”? Here, it’s basically still feeling like summer, reasonably warm and sunny, just cold in the mornings. It’s getting dark though, albeit slowly. I have finally gotten my BA thesis work rolling again. Pretty close to being done with the draft. Feels good, man. Feels good. Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – One of Those Good Weeks