Twice Fortnightly – Linguistic Love, and News to Come

I have started my, effectively, second week of school and can I just say: holy shit I love linguistics! I mean, technically I’ve been doing linguistics for a while now, but there’s a big difference between working independently, and very very slowly, on a paper and going to actual lectures with reading and fun examples and exercises. It’s just such fun! It’s like I’ve fallen in love all over again. <3

Writing-wise, last week went pretty well:

  • I managed 7 hours of writing, by the skin of my teeth.
  • Posted a Flash Fiction Friday-piece based on a Seventh Sanctum prompt.
  • I finished my #12for12stories January short and got some feedback on it, buuuut… I also realized it needs extensive rewriting. So I sorta finished it, and sorta didn’t. Good enough?
  • Outlining the rest of ABMF. It’s a bit of a vague outline, but even so.
  • Turned in another piece to my crit group. I’m almost out of chapters for this draft, and since I don’t really have time to do heavy drafting right now I need to figure out which of my currently existing drafts to start throwing at them instead.

So what about this week? Well, other than more lovely syntax, and reading The Tempest, I will also:

  • Aim for another 7 hours of writing. I have fewer actual lessons this week so I mgiht have time for a bit more… but we’ll see.
  • Flash Fiction Friday.
  • Pick a story for my #12for12stories short, and give it a first light poke.
  • Go to crit group!
  • Finish the blog post to announce some news…

That should do it, to be honest.

Have a good evening, everyone!

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