Flash Fiction Friday – The Storm

Happy weekend, everyone! Today I started trying out a new writing site. It’s called 4TheWords and basically you defeat monsters and gain magical treasure by writing. A bit silly, but pretty cute. I used it to defeat a moth-monster by writing this:


The gentle voice lured Annie from the depths of sleep and when her eyes blinked open, she saw Mae’s round face at the edge of the bed, eyes wide in the near-darkness of the room. “Hey baby…” she mumbled. “Is something wrong?” She heard, vaguely, something rumble.

“Mama, can I sleep with you?” Mae asked, reaching out for her, teddy bear in one hand. “The clouds are angry.”

Annie sat up, folding the sheet back. “Of course you can, baby. Come here.”

Mae climbed up onto the bed and under the sheet, nestling close to her mother. Annie pulled the sheet up over both of them as she laid down, and stroked Mae over the hair. She heard the thunder more clearly now; it was coming closer.

“There’s monsters in the clouds, mama, and they’re really mad. They’re gonna get me,” Mae whimpered. Annie shushed her gently, caressing her cheek.

“It’s okay, baby. No-one’s gonna get you,” she told her. “There’s no monsters in the sky, just clouds. And clouds can’t be angry. It just sounds like they are because the thunder’s so loud. No-one’s angry with you, I promise.”

“You really promise?”

“Yes. Now go back to sleep…”

Annie laid awake, slowly stroking Mae’s back until the girl had fallen asleep. Once her breathing had deepened and evened, she slipped out from underneath the sheets and tiptoed over to the closet. It didn’t take her long to re-cast the warding spell that kept the house hidden from the many eyes in the sky. She’d done it so many times by now that she barely had to be awake for it. Soon she wouldn’t be able to hide it from Mae anymore, with every storm the girl could feel them approaching more distinctly, just like Annie could.

She closed the closet door and slipped back into bed. Lightning flashed outside, but Mae kept sleeping. Annie leaned over, kissed her lightly on the forehead. “Don’t worry, baby…” she whispered. “It’s not you they’re angry with.”

It was based on a prompt from the Microfic community on Imzy. I’m pretty happy with it. And now, I’m off to have dinner with my parents. Good night!

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