Twice Fortnightly – 20/20!!!

Oh my god, you guys, I did it! 20 hours of writing or writing-relevant work (research, editing, and in this case: conlanging!) in one week! I’m so proud of me! Yay! Okay, so I did stay up until about 2am last night even though I had to be at work early-ish today but… worth it! I probably wouldn’t have managed if I hadn’t suddenly gone on a conlanging spree, but a number of hours comparing phonemes helped a lot, hah!

So yes, these week I have:

  • Actually done 20 hours of writing related work! Yay!
  • Read texts for my crit group, and had another successful crit group meeting.
  • Written 2 Hubpages articles: this one and this one.
  • Done Flash Fiction Friday again.
  • Started poking at my January #12for12stories story. It’s… maybe halfway drafted, and then will need edits too.

I more or less totally forgot about ABMF. Well, I think I edited about a chapter, but no more than that. This week, I am back at work so I have a bit less time but school has not started yet which is good. As such I’ve decided that my goals are:

  • 10 hours of writing stuff.
  • Flash fiction Friday
  • At least 4 chapters of ABMF edits
  • Keep working on the January #12for12stories short

It should be a good week. Might even have time for a bit more, since I don’t have too much planned… Let’s hope!

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