Flash Fiction Friday – Shine

Hey guys. Super sleepy late-night flash fiction time. I did a different thing today and used a Random Word Generator for this piece. Picked the ten words option, and rerandomized them a few times until one combination popped out at me. Results are below:

He’d never really been comfortable enough to express his artistics self. He’d fled from poetry into the open arms of diplomacy, global management, business administration. It had all been well and good for a while, but eventually it had started to bore him. He stumbled upon it almost by accident: a beginner’s course in Italian, at 7 pm on Tuesdays. The infatuation has been instant. He imagined himself alternatiely like an edgy mobster, alternatively like a heavily-accented servant with a black mustache in some old English movie about a manor. The horizon of who he could be expanded into the distance, a changeable ocean between him and he limits of his personality. Now was his time to shine.


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