Twice Fortnightly – Schroedinger’s Books

So, I was gonna post this in the morning, but then I saw that I’d gotten a slip from the post office and I thought it might be my books from Createspace so I said “I’ll post once I know”. Then, of course, I forgot to pick up the package. So… I don’t know, maybe I have books, maybe I don’t. If it’s them, they’re early, but if it’s not then I’m not sure what it is. Aaanyway… This past week I:

  • Kept working on the MS
  • Kept working on my map of Erziyye, though less than I would’ve liked.
  • Posted a Flash Fiction Friday and a Worldbuilding Wednesday post
  • Posted a guest post by Drae Box.
  • Continued worldbuilding for NaNo, but didn’t finish it yet.
  • Wrote a single post on the Blog Ahead challenge. Yeah… not going so well.
  • Drafted a short I’ve been meaning to draft for a while. Yay!

This week I will:

  • Finish Erziyye’s ocean currents, and maybe some other stuff
  • Finish the worldbuilding for NaNo!
  • Post my usual regular posts
  • Write at least 5 Blog Ahead posts (keeping my goals realistically low at this point)
  • Keep reading through the MS

I will also be changing me “productivity block” system. I’ve been struggling with my writing block. It’s in the afternoon, and it’s a bit long and intimidating. So this week I will try the following:

  • 90 mins writing between 7-9
  • 2h studying between 10-13
  • 90 mins writing between 14-16
  • 90 mins worldbuilding between 16-18

I’m a morning person so moving the writing earlier in the day should help, and since my worldbuilding is so enjoyable that I basically never skip it, moving it later in the day shouldn’t hurt! We’ll see…

Now if you’ll excuse me, a TWD episode and some nachos are waiting for me!


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