Flash Fiction Friday – The Ghosts

As you may have noticed, I skipped my Worldbuilding Wednesday this week. I just hadn’t made enough progress with my map this week for it to be worth a post. But never fear, Flash Fiction Friday is here! With a card from Dixit, once again. And once again, credit for the image goes to the Dixit people! Here’s this week’s card:

IMG_4404The photo came out a bit grainy for some reason. Here’s the result:

The Ghosts

They were drawn to the little candle like moths. Out of the dark they came, from every nook and cranny of the old house. Faceless, shapeless mostly. They had barely a voice, barely a thought between them. Creatures of reflex now, they rushed for the light, swooped at it and through it, stopped some distance away in apparent surprise and tried again.
These ghosts would present no problem to her. They weren’t what she’d come for.

Short and sweet, as is becoming my habit. It’s flash fiction, after all! Sweet dreams, guys!


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