Flash Fiction – The Wolf

I’m doing another prompt from Seventh Sanctum today, and it’s: she could tell he was howling.

She could tell he was howling. She could always tell when he was howling, ever since that first time she visited the wolf sanctuary and the guide let her come into ten enclosure of the pack he’d raised himself since they were just orphaned pups. She felt a bond to him straight away. He followed her, in the enclosure, on silent paws and with watchful eyes. He’d stood right by her, barely a yard away, when they howled and his voice had reverberated through her, so strongly that her body and mind were abuzz with his power even hours later. She had that feeling now, like many times before, the subtle but overpowering vibration of hearing a sound you couldn’t here. But this time was different. This time she’d go to him.

Short but sweet. Oh, and I won Camp today, with almost 20k (my goal was 15). Yay! I’m gonna take the weekend off to read and rest (and study a bit), then next week I’m on to my next project…

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