Twice Fortnightly – Crunch Time!

That’s right guys, it’s crunch time! Edits are going well, if a bit more slowly than I’d like. This week I have:

  • Did my daily writing, which mostly consisted of editing Dress Rehearsal Rag. It needs to be run through twice more or so, but it’s starting to get there! Just a few more kinks to iron out.
  • Got my cover shot taken, and sent it off to my cover artist!
  • Worked on the blurb for Dress Rehearsal Rag. It’s almost done so expect to see it here on the blog in a day or two!
  • Sent my May newsletter! Don’t forget to sign up!
  • Posted an excerpt from Dress Rehearsal Rag!
  • Launched my first ever giveaway! Check it out.

For this coming week I only have once goal: finish the MS and get it to the proofreader! I’ll probably post the blurb and another excerpt too, if time allows, but it’s all about the final edits now! Wish me luck. Actually, wish me  extra evening hours, I need those more!

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