Dress Rehearsal Rag – Excerpt #1

As promised, here’s an excerpt from Dress Rehearsal Rag:

Later that night, the dining room was bustling with it’s usual activity. A bowl of potato salad, Joe’s special and very appreciated recipe, was being passed around. They were all there except for Miranda who was working late that day and was expected to return at any moment. Charlie had ridden home with Danny and Mark.
Orryn was in a good mood, in spite of feeling rough from the previous night. The jumble of feelings about what happened that morning still bothered her, but she had set those troubles aside for the night.
Suddenly, they heard the sound of an engine approaching at high speed and then coming to an abrupt stop outside.
“Someone’s hungry!” Charlie joked at his absent wife’s expense, eliciting a few chuckles around the table. A moment later, hurried steps were heard in the hallway.
“Wardens!” Miranda burst into the dining room and a brutal silence descended as soon as the word passed her lips.

So, what do you think? If it makes you curious about the story, don’t forget that you can win it in a giveaway I’m currently running! The edits are going really well, although I anticipate the next week being a busy one. My cover shot is also with my cover artist, so that’s very exciting. Slowly getting all my ducks in a row…

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