Twice Fortnightly – The Waiting Game

I did it, guys! I finished my edits! And I’m exhausted! It was a strange week. Total brain-blockage all week, and then edited like a mad woman all weekend. Now the MS is with the proofreaders, and it looks like I’ll hear back from both her and the cover artist on Wednesday. So today I’ve been relaxing, and tomorrow I play Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – The Waiting Game

Twice Fortnightly – Crunch Time!

That’s right guys, it’s crunch time! Edits are going well, if a bit more slowly than I’d like. This week I have: Did my daily writing, which mostly consisted of editing Dress Rehearsal Rag. It needs to be run through twice more or so, but it’s starting to get there! Just a few more kinks to iron out. Got my cover shot Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Crunch Time!

Twice Fortnightly – Feedback! Sweet, sweet feedback!

Exciting news, guys! I got notes on Dress Rehearsal Rag from the first of my beta readers the other day. And let me tell you, they rock! So helpful. I’m going to start working through them later today, and hopefully notes from the others should come in later in the week. I always feel like a headless chicken when it comes Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Feedback! Sweet, sweet feedback!

Twice Fortnightly – Riveting Realizations

I had a lovely realization recently. It was this: in my company account I have a few hundred dollars, money I’ve earned on my freelance translations. I am perfectly allowed to use that money to reinvest in my business by spending it on things relation to my writing (since that is, after all, part of my business). It could even Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Riveting Realizations

Twice Fortnightly – There’s a boy in my apartment!

A few days ago, my one person household became a two person household when the man I’ve been in a LDR with for years moved in with me. So far, so good! It’s a bit of an adjustment, so I’m a little “off my game” at the moment, but one positive things I’ve noticed (aside from the cuddles) is that Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – There’s a boy in my apartment!