Twice Fortnightly – There’s a boy in my apartment!

A few days ago, my one person household became a two person household when the man I’ve been in a LDR with for years moved in with me. So far, so good! It’s a bit of an adjustment, so I’m a little “off my game” at the moment, but one positive things I’ve noticed (aside from the cuddles) is that it’s really limiting the time I waste at the computer. And I mean actually wasted time, not productive time or unproductive but still enjoyable time. I surf when I’m trying to kill time or am too tired to do something worthwhile, and it’s a terrible habit so I’m very happy about this development. Anyway, apart from getting used to sharing my double bed, this week I have:

  • Written ~650 words during my daily writing. I’m slightly amused that the (rounded-off) number is the same as last week. Most of these were scenes from the same story I mentioned last week but some was the intro of what might be a short story set in a new-ish dystopian world of mine.
  • Done the writing exercises for July from One Year To a Writing Life. The topic was fairy tales, and I’ll post the results later in the week. I really enjoyed this chapter.
  • Worked on a freelance proofreading/translation gig. A tiny one, and not related to creative writing, but it always feels good to be paid for something writing-related!

I have, sadly, not worked on Going Home this past week, but I’ll try to make up for that this week! I also have a Uni assignment to work on, but I should have time to do both.

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