Twice Fortnightly – A Sigh of Relief

I finally finished my assignment! So now I’m half relieved and half holding my breath waiting to see if I pass. This is a course (or rather a module) that’s long overdue for completion, and if I don’t get it over with now it’ll seriously mess up my plans for the next couple of years. So cross your fingers for me!

As you may remember, I only had one thing on my writing-related to do list this past week, which was my daily writing. I managed that, totaling at 600 words. That seems to be my average right now. For this week, seeing as how the assignment’s over, I’m kicking it up a notch and I will:

  • Do my daily writing, to a minimum of 1200 words
  • Make good ground on planning my NaNo project. I don’t plan these things in great detail but I need to figure out some basics about the characters, about how the magic they’re dealing with functions and, roughly, in which order the main plot points come in
  • Work on my cover, specifically the main image and what tweaking it needs
  • Start doing this month’s exercises in One Year to a Writing Life
  • Post 2 haikus on Wattpad
  • Publish a long overdue article on my Hubpages account

It looks a bit daunting, all spelled out like that. But I think I’ll manage.

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