Twice Fortnightly – Getting my editing legs back

Hey guys! I’m actually posting on a Monday! Wooh! This past week I have, frankly, not been terribly productive, which is at least partially because it’s been really warm her this past week and my brain has been melting. However, in spite of that, I have:

  • Gotten back into editing Going Home. So far this has mostly involved changing a few words, removing the highlight on the changed line and then adding another highlight further down the paragraph. I think I’m still getting my editing legs for this round.
  • Written ~650 words during my daily writing, including 1 haiku.
  • Most of the aforementioned ~650 words were part of two scenes from a new story that’s begun taking place in my head. It is, compared to most of my more planned-out ideas, a much more classical fantasy story. It’ll probably be a YA, and it even has an evil sorceress. I don’t know when I’ll actually draft the whole thing, but I’m getting kinda excited about the idea!

I have a pretty crazy week coming up, but on the bright side it’s the sort of crazy week that doesn’t actually involve going into the office. I hope I’ll be able to finish editing at least a chapter or two of Going Home at some point. It should be possible, if I can just stop highlighting new lines…

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