Twice Fortnightly – Poetic Prose is tricky

No pictures of pretty churches this week, I’m afraid. I’ve had a bit of a slow week. I got stuck on one of the writing exercises I was supposed to finish, writing a prose poem, and it took me several days to get it done. I’ll tell you more about why when I post August’s exercises. I somehow managed to finish it tonight, though, and edit a chapter in Going Home, too, so I’ve managed my goals for the week (right at the last minute, just like school!). This week I have:

  • Written ~300 words during my daily writing (not counting writing exercises).
  • Finished August’s writing exercises, but not drafted the blog post yet.
  • Edited chapter 7 of Going Home
  • Selected two excerpts from Going Home to share here on the blog, on 21/9 and 10/10 (or possibly 21/10, depending on how much closer to finishing I’ve managed to get by then).
  • Posted the Work in Progress Blog Challenge, which was a lot of fun.

In the next week, I plan to:

  • Do my daily writing (and get more than 300 words).
  • Start reading the next chapter in One Year to a Writing Life
  • Post about my writing exercises for August
  • Edit two chapters in Going Home

I’m also going to France! I’ll be there from Saturday to the following Saturday, and I’m not sure what the situation will be internet-wise, so I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to post next week’s Twice Fortnightly or not. I look forward to a little vacation, even if I’ll spend most of it writing/editing and working on a school assignment. Wish me bon voyage!

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