Twice Fortnightly – Logging Lapse

Last week was a weird week, writing wise. I noted down a total of 7h in my writing log of my 10h goal (would’ve been 9h except I folded to my conscience and spent my Sunday evening reading for class)… but I could swear I did more writing than that! I keep looking at the log and going “but surely Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Logging Lapse

Twice Fortnightly – Last Week on the Job

This week is my last week at my current day job. Today I had the day off, but I’m working Tues-Fri. I’ve got a slew of stuff to finish, but I’m not sure how much time it’ll really take. I’ve never had to “finish up” a job before, for the past 6 years I’ve generally been able to say “oh, Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Last Week on the Job

Twice Fortnightly – Computer Woes

Hello lovelies, I hope this Monday is treating you well so far. I’ve had a calm day myself, a bit of volunteering, lunch with a friend and some practicing for my exam tomorrow. The topic is English Syntax, Phonetics & Phonology, and Semantics. All fun topics. It should go okay. I doubt I’ll get an A, but maybe a B and Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Computer Woes

Twice Fortnightly – Managing my Time Management

Last week was a weird week. Busy but not wildly so, but my mood was a bit all over the place. I only managed 6 out of my 9 hours of writing, largely because I had some kind of motivation crash on Sunday and just ended up watching the Gilmore Girls special all day instead. So… That’s unfortunate. I think Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Managing my Time Management

Flash Fiction Friday – The Door

I think I’ve had a FFF post called The Door before, but maybe not… feels like I have. Either way I can’t think of a better day for this one. Not sure where it came from, it just came. She had never opened the door before. It had always been there, she thought, ever since she could remember. Not large and Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – The Door

Twice Fortnightly – Taking It Up A Notch

My cold is still going strong. Well, strong-ish, and slowly diminishing thankfully. It put a bit of a damper on my writing progress last week, but hey… now is a new week. But first, last week in review: I spent about 12 hours writing or on writing-related activities. Less than I’d hoped, but more than I expected by week’s end. Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Taking It Up A Notch

Twice Fortnightly – Sniffles and Time Off

This week, I took time off work to focus on my writing. This morning, I woke up with my throat feeling like sandpaper. Typical. Hopefully I’ll get some stuff done anyway. But first, the recap of last week: I spent 7h writing. I worked a little on #12for12stories but didn’t finish the draft. I attended a write-in and worked on Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Sniffles and Time Off

Orryn Reborn – On Removing Magic

Tonight I begun the rewrite of Going Home that I mentioned here on the blog a few weeks ago. As such, I thought tonight would be a good time to tell you a bit more about the most significant change I’ll be making to the books and the reasoning behind it. I’m talking, of course, about the removal of magic from the Continue reading Orryn Reborn – On Removing Magic

Twice Fortnightly – New Effort

The past week wasn’t a great week, writing-wise. I only managed 6h out of my intended 7, and even that’s while rounding up if I’m being honest. I barely touched my conlanging, and gave myself a pass on Flash Fiction Friday because I was exhausted and empty-headed. I did work a fair bit on my #12for12stories February story, though. It’s coming along, Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – New Effort

Twice Fortnightly – Oh, it’s Monday!

Monday night. Long day. Can’t brain. Here’s week: Wrote for 7h. For once didn’t cram 2-3h into Sunday evening. Did Flash Fiction Friday. Started working on my February #12for12stories. It’s about a vampire. Brainstormed about the 3rd (and fourth) Orryn novella as well as the Orryn 1+2 rewrites. Did some conlanging, which I’ve been getting into lately but not really mentioned yet. Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Oh, it’s Monday!