Flash Fiction Friday – The Door

I think I’ve had a FFF post called The Door before, but maybe not… feels like I have. Either way I can’t think of a better day for this one. Not sure where it came from, it just came.

She had never opened the door before. It had always been there, she thought, ever since she could remember. Not large and imposing or bland and easy to ignore, just… present, every day, in the far end of the hall. She’d walked passed it more times than she could count, and she could count quite far these days. She wasn’t sure what prompted her to finally approach it, to reach out for the round brass knob and grasp the cold metal in her hand. It clicked when she twisted it.
The light was so bright that she had to shut her eyes tight, and drag her feet slowly forward across the wooden floor so she could feel where the threshold was. Her toes snaked over it, half an inch of wood, half an inch taller a girl when she stood on it. Hands outstretched, she felt with her foot for the floor on the other side of the treshold, then she stepped inside.

Quick little thing, because I’m sleepy and fairly happy and pretty anxious to get up tomorrow morning and work on Orryn Reborn. So I’mma go to bed now! Bye!

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