Twice Fortnightly – Personal Record(?)!

Disclaimer: this post contains mild productivity-bragging. If you’re a writer and feeling bad about your level of productivity: don’t! You are doing your best! I am super lucky that right now my health bar is at full and my calendar is empty, which let’s me focus a ton of time on this. I brag on only because my productivity makes me happy, it is not a judgment of anyone else!

Last week, in large part thanks to a deadline for my writing critique group that I had completely forgotten about and that required me to write about 5k in a day, I had one of the most productive writing-weeks in the history of… my life, really. I spent a total of 24 hours, 4 hours more than my stated goal for the week, actively working on writing and significant writing adjacent thing (in the case of last week, mostly conlanging). This might, in fact, be a personal best. It is the most time I’ve tracked since I started tracking my writing time in my bullet journal roughly 6 months ago. I can imagine I might’ve clocked more hours than that when I was just finishing up edits on my currently published novellas, but I’m honestly not sure. I am, however, quite convinced that back in the day when I did writing based online roleplaying, I frequently clocked more hours than that but that was a long time ago (and before I was really giving the whole author thing a proper shot). So yay, most likely a personal best!

So what did I squeeze into those 24h? Well:

  • Hitting 17k on my Camp NaNo project. Not the 18k I wanted, but I’m only 300 words off so that’s ok. Big swaths of the draft are something akin to a stream of consciousness brainstorm, but hey, words and words and I’m really getting someplace with the story now.
  • Poking my conlang nearly daily. Didn’t quite manage 20 new words, but ther were some interesting developments thanks to a challenge on a community I frequent.
  • Posted some flash fiction based on a dream, called The New Body. I might turn it into a longer thing eventually, so that’s fun!
  • Worked on a short story that I’m feeling very optimistic about!
  • ​Went to crit group!
  • Spent most of Sunday working on my next submission for crit group, which I sent in this morning.

The one thing I forgot to do was to update my Orryn Novellas for Smashwords! Come on, Emma! This needs doing! It’s at the top of this week’s list:

  • Update Going Home and Dress Rehearsal Rag for Smashwords.
  • Work on conlanging daily, minimum 20 words and participate in challenges on the community if there are any.
  • Hit 24k for Camp NaNoWriMo​! Next Monday is the last day, after all.
  • Continue working on the aforementioned short story.
  • Begin… a secret project. Hehe.
  • Post something for Flash Fiction Friday.
  • Spend at least 20h on writing stuff – again!! Fingers crossed for two weeks in a row. As usual, I’ll lower it as needed if I get shifts at work.

I think this will be a good week. I have nothing really planned, just writing and working on a craft project. Should be a good week!

Good night, lovelies!

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