Twice Fortnightly – Computer Woes

Hello lovelies,

I hope this Monday is treating you well so far. I’ve had a calm day myself, a bit of volunteering, lunch with a friend and some practicing for my exam tomorrow. The topic is English Syntax, Phonetics & Phonology, and Semantics. All fun topics. It should go okay. I doubt I’ll get an A, but maybe a B and honestly… I don’t care that much so long as I pass and don’t have to do it over.

I had a pretty good week. Flubbed on a couple of my to-dos but on the bright side I did hit my 9hs, by the skin of my teeth. I probably would’ve managed the last to-dos too, at least a bit, if not for the fact that my computer had a complete breakdown on Sunday. I just couldn’t be arsed to figure out how to reach my goals from the laptop when my files are on the desktop, so insted I just drafted random things. Other than that, here’s what I’ve done this week:

  • Wrote for 9h. Starting earlier in the week really helped.
  • Did a tiny bit of conlanging.
  • Did Flash Fiction Friday!
  • Went to crit group.
  • Picked a new project for crit group, and drafted a new first chapter for that project. I look forward to seeing what the others in my group think of this project,
  • I didn’t manage to finish the entire Going Home rewrite, but I made some progress. If not for the computer, I think I would’ve finished, or mostly finished, it.
  • I didn’t start poking #12for12Stories again, but I did decide I would do #12for12stories for my Camp NaNo project. The goals will be: finish February’s story, actually draft one for March, and one for April. I’m thinking a 10k goal. We’ll see how it goes.

So what about this coming week?

  • Spend 9 productive ​hours on writing. I’m really tempted to increase the goal since I managed last week, but I know that’s probably over-confident.
  • Do more conlanging! More new words this week.
  • Submit the first chapter of a new story to my crit group. Well, the story isn’t new, I drafted it for NaNo in 2014, but it’s new for the crit group.
  • Edit aforementioned first chapter.
  • Actually, actually finish editing Going Home, and start looking at Dress Rehearsal Rag.
  • Poke at #12for12stories.
  • Do Flash Fiction Friday, of course.

Should be a good week! I have the exam tomorrow, and then a single class session. Some day job stuff, sure, with a fair lot of stuff to do, but I should have a good bit of time for both writing and relaxing! I only have two weeks left at my current day job, which feels hella weird… A lot of changes this year. But it should be okay.

And now, it’s bedtime.

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