Twice Fortnightly – Taking It Up A Notch

My cold is still going strong. Well, strong-ish, and slowly diminishing thankfully. It put a bit of a damper on my writing progress last week, but hey… now is a new week. But first, last week in review:

  • I spent about 12 hours writing or on writing-related activities. Less than I’d hoped, but more than I expected by week’s end.
  • I decided to keep working on my February #12for12stories project for March, since I didn’t finish it. However, I didn’t work on it last week.
  • I had a very productive crit group meeting.
  • I read through my next crit group WIP, and began working on a revised outline.
  • I made a little progress on my Orryn rewrite.
  • and I posted for Flash Fiction Friday, albeit a day late.

Not a bad week, for being a low-energy one. I feel… refreshed, writing-wise. On Sunday I had 7 hours of writing left to my goal, and I managed 5 of them, 2 on crit group and 3 on outlining and Orryn editing. That was a good day. So, this week, I’m taking it up a notch. Just a little notch, I do have school and work and stuff. Here’s what I want to get done:

  • At least 9h of writing. That’s two more than what’s been my normal goal lately so yay for pushing it.
  • Flash Fiction Friday.
  • Conlanging! Totally neglected that last week.
  • Orryn progress! At least 8 sections. Might even tackle one of the hard ones.
  • Crit group submission, last of my current project.
  • Begin rewrite of my new crit group project.

Should be a good week. Hope you have one, too.

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