Flash Fiction Friday- Shadow Wolves

For once, my Flash Fiction Friday piece wasn’t written today. Let’s get right to it:

“Do not provoke me, little pup!” she spat, opening her fingers wide with a flourish of her wrist. Ana didn’t flinch, stood as tall as ever. They were face to face, just a foot or two apart, and neither would budge. In the corner of my eye I saw something, and whirled around.

“Ana!” I said, a low, warning growl, but she wasn’t listening to me. The creature rose from the shadows, a whirling mass quickly taking form. Had I seen it from afar, I may have thought it a Wolf, no different from any of us. But it was large, much too large, rising to almost twice my own impressive height. It’s limbs were stretched and drawn out, disproportionate to it’s form. Had it been a Wolf it would’ve been scrawny, but I was not so naive. I could see the power in its movements, the dark strength eminating from it. In it’s hands it was hol- no, it was holding nothing, its arms were two large blades, terrible and sharp and dripping with some no doubt evil ichor. “Ana!” I pulled at her arm to get her to turn, not wanting to take my eyes off of the beast, but she shrugged me off, too busy trying to stare the sorceress, for that was what she must be, down.

“Pup?” Ana retorted. “You should watch who you ins-” her words were cut short as the dark blade came down and pierced her from behind. I had no time to react, the movement had been so quick, and the next moment I knew Ana was on the ground. The creature hunched, and its arms flew into her flesh again. I think I screamed. Wound after wound cut through her fallen form, and from them some black liquid that was not quite blood flowed.

The sorceress laughed as the creature kept stabbing, determined, it seemed to cut her to pieces entirely.

I ran.

This little scene came to me in a dream the other night, and I wrote it down yesterday. In the dream, it was the opening sequence of a new TV show about werewolves or something like that, staring Jason Momoa. He played the character who is the narrator above. I know, it’s hard to imagine a Jason Momoa character running away but I assure you… it was a super creepy scene, legitimately run-worthy. Seemed like a cool show, too, a shame it wasn’t real.

Good night and happy weekend, everyone!

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