Twice Fortnightly – Fall Term 2017

Hey there, lovelies. Another Tuesday, another late Monday blog, hah. I had a very busy day yesterday, and by the time it was evening I was so tired that I forgot everything about my (recently somewhat lacking) blogging schedule. Whoops!

Last night, I had a meeting with my new job to prepare and participate in, which meant a lot of working… after spending 6h on my feet temping in a middle school. My brain, and feet, were toast by the end of it! Today, though, I had the first of my classes for the term which means it is officially the fall term 2017 for me. Yay! I am so excited about this term. I’m taking four smallish linguistics units, all on super interesting topics! The one that started today is called Learning and Teaching Interactional Competence. Such an interesting field! I really look forward to the rest of it, and to starting the other modules. This year was the first time in maybe 6 years that I not only didn’t have any left over assignments to work on over the summer, but didn’t even visit campus for almost 3 months (unheard of most years, since I used to work there). The proper break seems to have really gotten me in the mood to study again, so yay for that.

But, of course, I don’t want to neglect my writing just because school is starting. I haven’t been writing much in the last few weeks (or blogging, or anything really. I guess I needed a break), but I want to make a concerted effort to get back on track now so that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of the term. As such, this week I want to:

  • Spend 9 hours on writing​. Why 9? I don’t know. I guess I don’t quite dare to go double digits this week since I’ve been on a bit of a break.
  • Stream some conlanging and flash fiction writing for Thursday Evening Tea Time.
  • Post said fiction for Flash Fiction Friday.
  • Finish (finally!) the draft of one of my Erizyye shorts. This particular short is turning out to be quite long, around 15k. I suspect I have maybe 500-1000 words left on the first draft, but we’ll see. It needs a lot of rewriting after, but I’m happy to almost be done with the main structure.
  • Get at least 2k drafted on the third Orryn novella, from among the scenes missing from Camp NaNoWriMo.
  • Do some conlanging. No specific goals for that this week, but I do wanna keep going.

A solid plan, I think. And if you use Twitch and enjoy live streaming, don’t hesitate to come by my Twitch page for Thursday Evening Tea Time on, well, Thursday! I’ll start at 10pm CEST and go for 2-3 hours, conlaning and writing fiction and just chitchatting with whoever comes by. But that’s on Thursday! Today, I am about to go to sleep as there’s more middle school temping waiting for me tomorrow.

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