Twice Fortnightly – Another Kind of Vacation.

There’s a thing that happens sometimes on Sunday evenings, where I suddenly realized that I haven’t opened my bullet journal for about two days and that my weekend to-do list in it is mostly blank. That’s not a shortcoming of the bullet journal system; it’s served me very well for the near-year I’ve been using it and has been an improvement to my time management, goal setting and other similar skills. Still, sometimes I am bad at adjusting my goals based on changing circumstances . And I’m really bad at scheduling intentionally empty days. I mean, if I’m being honest I never really enjoy doing nothing. But having an empty to-do list once in a while can be good for the soul whether you end up doing things on those days or not, if you know what I mean.

Unsurprisingly, on account of the above and also being out of town for a few days, I did not manage my writing goals for next week. I lost track entirely of how many hours I spent on writing things, but I am fairly sure it was around ten. Half of my goal, then, which certainly says that it was not a well-planned week and I did not keep all factors in mind when setting my goals. Still, it’s a learning process.

This week and probably also next week, I’m on a sort of vacation. A writing vacation. I have a big crafts project I’m working on, and some other stuff going on, so I’ve decided to take a bit of a break. I say a bit of a break because I do still want to do conlanging (yay conlanging challenges!) and also maintain my streak on, because losing my streak now would be annoying. Anyway, considering this vacation, my goals this week are:

  • Spend about 7h on writing and writing-adjacent activities. That’s 1h/day. I’m at 30 mins for today​ (including this blog post) but on the other hand my Thursday evening writing stream will be at least 2 hours so that’ll easily compensate.
  • Participate in the daily challenges on the conlanging forum I hang at. This week’s challenge involves writing things about random gifs, so that’s fun!
  • Do my Thursday Evening Tea Time stream, which will include both drafting a Flash Fiction Friday post and working on the aforementioned conlanging challenge. And maybe some other stuff too.
  • Maintain my streak. I’m currently at 28 days and excited to hit a full month’s streak soon. Maintaining a streak requires at least 444 words every day, which isn’t very much by my normal standards. I’ll probably mostly focus on a short story I’m trying to finish for these writing sessions.

A lighter to-do list than usual, and honestly it feels good. Gotta have some light weeks to manage to heavy weeks, I guess. Shifting focus for a little bit will be good for me, I think, and getting my priorities in order for which projects I want to focus on once my little writing-vacation ends, too. School starts again in a little under a month, and before that I’d like to have a fair idea of my writing goals for the fall term.

And now, lovelies, it’s time for me to sleep.

P.s. I wrote some Flash Fiction last Friday. Check it out!

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