Twice Fortnightly – What Happened to September?

It just went “zoom” and now it’s almost gone. What happened? I know I have no idea. I’m a little grumpy at how the month’s end is almost here and my thesis still isn’t done, but I’m aiming to at least finish the draft before Saturday, and then do my revisions in the beginning of October. I need to be finished with this soon. I’ve got some changes planned, and my BA needs to be done to start them.

What about writing? Last week I:

  • Had a meeting with my crit group. Went well! Got some great feedback.
  • Published some Flash Fiction I’m really happy about!

And this week? More of the same. I’ve got some major rewrites coming up for the story I’m bringing to the crit group (we submit every other week, meet up every other week), flash fiction to do and I’m going to start preparing for NaNoWriMo. Just one month to go!

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