Flash Fiction Friday – Out of the Oven

It’s Friday! Today’s flash fiction piece may or may not be based on real events (on that note, you should check out my friend’s Twitch channel: twitch.tv/geminick_). Here we go:

“Oh, they’re ready! I’m so excited!” the witch said, clapping her hands together as she stood up from the kitchen table.
“I wonder how they turned out! Come on, let’s get them out of there,” the other witch replied, setting her tea-cup aside and reaching for the oven mitts.
The first witch opened the oven and stood aside as her friend reached inside. A smell of clay, not awful though not pleasant either, wafted out over the room. The cat sneezed, shaking its head before getting up and abandoning its spot on the counter and seeking more odorless pastures in the other room.
The baking tray clanged as it was placed on top of the oven and the two witches peered down at their creations with eager curiosity.
“Eeeeh!” the second witch made a squeaky noise. “They’re so cute I think I might just die!”
“I know! I could just eat them!” the first one said. “But they’re clay so that would probably be bad!”
“Probably, yeah,” her friend agreed. They gave each other a sideways hug in excitement, then silently to observe. They had all been sleeping in the oven of course, all the little creatures. Now as the thrill of room-temperature air hit them for the first time in their new lives, they started to wake up. A brightly colored kitten stretched and begun sniffing around the edge of the baking tray. A chubby pink dragon yawned widely, then huffed a puff of smoke out through its nostrils. Two birds, one green and one bright purple, were already making goo-goo-eyes at each other, moving around as though they had feathers they could puff up to impress one another.
“Oh, carefully there, little one,” the first witch reached out to catch a serpentine dragon, the blue of a clear sky just before the last light disappeared, who had slithered up onto the edge of the tray and risked falling off of the edge and onto the floor. “Ow, ow, ow, you’re hot!” she exclaimed, dropping the little critter back down in the middle of the tray and blowing on her fingers.
“You should probably run some cold water on that,” the other one said.
As the witch cooled her fingers, the little creatures cooled on the tray, getting up and walking around to adjust to their new bodies and limbs.
“Uh-oh…” the second witch said, furrowing her brow a bit. “I think we screwed up with this one.”
“How so?” she asked, coming over as she dried her hands on a towel.
“Look at his eyebrows!” she indicated a small dragon who was sitting by itself off in one corner.
The first witch peered down at it and pulled a face. “Oh dear. That is one angry dragon,” she said.
“Maybe… maybe he’ll just look angry but actually be nice?” The second witch didn’t sound too convinced, but she still gave the little dragon a light prod. “Hey, little guy, go say hi to your friends.”
The dragon sat stubbornly, crossing his arms.
“Oh, come on, now, it’s not so bad. You’ll like them!”
He pulled a rude face, sticking his tongue out at them, then went back to staring at his feet with his thick eyebrows locked in a perpetual frown.
“He’s still pretty cute,” the second witch said with a shrug.
“Yeah!” the first witch agreed. “And besides… one grump in our army of cute isn’t the end of the world!”

Cute and silly, but that’s my mood tonight! Good night, guys!

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