Flash Fiction Friday – The Other Dimension

I asked Twitter for writing prompts for tonight, and a good Twitter-friend, Signý suggested I write about me and my friends getting sucked into another dimension. So I did. Me and her, more specifically. Here we go:

“Uh-oh,” I said when the rift in reality appeared directly adjecent to my coffee table. “That doesn’t look good at all.” The next moment, I was sucked into another dimension.

Being pulled through felt a little like when you miss a step going down the stairs: a sudden, uncomfortable plummet and, before you’ve even had time to react to it, a sudden impact. I looked around. All around me, spaced out at distances that would allow conversations a bit of privacy, were tables. High tables with barstools, low tables with sitting pillows around them, medium tables in all sizes and colors with all kinds of sofas and chairs flanking them. There were no walls that I could see, and though I avoided looking down I got the impression there was no floor, either. It just stretched out, table after table, and in the center of each table was a teaset.

I was sure that some of the tables were taken, though I saw no-one sitting by them. Still, the tea moved: teapots poured, teacups shifted, teaspoons clinked. I wandered among the tables until I came to a small round table, painted white but worn by time and with just two chairs. The teapot was hidden under a gingham cozy, and the cups were large and turquoise. There was a plate of carrot cake with carrot-shaped white chocolate decoration atop each piece. Nothing was moving around, so I sat down.

When I began pouring the tea, I suddenly became aware of someone sitting in the other chair. I looked up in surprise, then smiled.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hi,” Signý said.

“I almost didn’t recognize you. You know, with you not being a carton.” I held up the teapot and nodded toward the second cup. “Tea?”

She moved the cup closer, and I filled it. As a set the pot down, she lifted the plate with the cake and held it out to me. “Carrot cake?”

“Yes please!”

It was a good cake, nice and moist and with the perfect amount of frosting. I don’t remember now what we talked about, but I remember that I left the white chocolate carrot for last.

“I like this place,” I said, when the rift in reality reappeared.

“Me too,” said Signý. “We should do this again.”

“We should.”

I like the tea dimension. I wouldn’t mind spending tonight there. I think that’s why I wrote this and not something more dramatic: I’m just in the mood for chill.

Good night, lovelies!

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