Twice Forthnightly – Non-worldbuilding Wednesday

Monday-Tuesday this week, I was at a conference. So naturally I spent Monday evening thinking “I’ll do my blog tomorrow morning, I’m too tired now” and Tuesday morning I completely forgot.

Anyhowsers, so my news from last week is: yay, I managed Camp! About 11k in the end, go me! I even managed to do my taxes (one day before the deadline, no less) after only moderate levels of freaking out. All in all, I’ll call that week a win!

This week, my main task is going to be a literature review I need to finish for university. It’s a long weekend so I am hoping I’ll actually manage to finish it. We’ll see… On the writing end, I just have two goals so as to not take too much time away from the studying. The first thing is beginning to edit the Patreon-shorts I drafted during Camp, and the second is drafting… a piece of fanfiction. It’s actually my first time ever writing fanfiction, which feels a bit weird, but I just had this idea I really wanted to do so I’m trying it.

That’s it for tonight! Have a good hump day evening, everyone!

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