Twice Forthnightly – Maybe the best week so far

Well, maybe not the best week of my life in general, but last week was certainly one of the best weeks in terms of writing, or post-writing. I got two five star reviews and was featured on 3 different blogs. Awesome. I have also:

  • Done my daily writing… mostly. A few haikus, anyway.
  • Make a list of potential titles for the sequel. It’s still a pretty long list but at least it’s getting shorter.
  • Sent the draft of the sequel to two pre-beta-readers. Or in one case, printed it out and chucked it at him, since I live with him.
  • Posted on the blog about the above-mentioned media awesomeness that happened last week
  • Written a bit about the editing tool Pro Writing Aid

I postponed the Hub I had planned to post, though, for favor of some boring but paid translation freelancing. So what’s on the agenda for this week? Well:

  • My daily writing
  • Finishing and publishing the aforementioned Hub
  • Narrowing down my title choices
  • Make a list of topics I’d like to post about on the blog alongside these weekly updates.
  • Add my newly written haikus to Wattpad

And hopefully finish that freelancing gig. I might have another one lined up after it so next week might be a bit busy too, but we’ll see.

Since it’s now almost 11, and I have wrestled the computer from my homework-doing boyfriend because I realized that it was in fact Monday and didn’t want to go to bed without updating, I shall now wrap this post up. Good night, everyone!

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    • Excitement, indeed!

      Yeah, daily writing rocks. I’ve been slacking off lately but will be trying to get back to it a bit more properly now. I do enjoy it a lot and I get some of my best ideas or come across some of my best developments to pre-existing ideas when I just sit down for a bit and write something random.

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