Twice Fortnightly – Oh right, Camp!

Yeah, that’s what this month has felt like a bit so far. It’s weird, because I know I can write large quantities in fairly limited time. Heck, I made 75k last NaNo! But this time… man. 10k as a goal and I’m still struggling. To be honest, I think I’m partially struggling because my goal is so low. A few hundred words a day makes it hard to justify taking time away from other things, especially when there’s so much else on my plate right now.

That being said, things have been looking up over the last few days. I’ve been getting some “decent for this time” word counts out and I’m now at 6k with 4k to write in 5 days. That’s 800 per day. That’s a number I can easily reach without too much time spent… but will I? I’ll be honest, I don’t know. I really dislike the idea of not reaching my set goal, but I’m also a bit pressed for time so reaching my goal will no doubt involve cutting into my downtime and we’ll see whether I have the energy for that.

I haven’t really done much writing-related stuff this week, apart from posting some writing prompt resources in lieu of Flash Fiction Friday. So what about the coming week? Well, finishing Camp (or not) will be prio 1, writing-wise. On top of that, I’ll try to do Flash Fiction Friday and I’ll also, horror of horrors, try to do my taxes! About bloody time, too.

And now, lovlies, it’s time I start getting ready for bed.

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