Twice Fortnightly – Psuedo-purple?

Lately I seem to be making an extra effort when I write to express myself… prettily. I mean, I always want to write well, but I’m not always in that particular mood where I push myself a little extra, and go for a little extra flourish. I wouldn’t go so far as saying I’m in a purple prose mood, aesthetics clouding story is rarely a good idea, but I’m perhaps leaning a bit purpler than usual. Pseudo-purple prose, if you will. Anyway, that’s just the mood I’m in right now. I will admit though, the term has always bummed me out a bit because purple is my favorite colors but, obviously, purple prose is less than optimal which just doesn’t seem right!

Moving on to what I’ve been up to this week:

  • Worked on my fan-fic. It’s about halfway drafted. Gonna do some talk-drafting before bed, too.
  • Started editing one of the patreon shorts from Camp. It was a humble start, but a start all the same!
  • Was a guest on Drae Box’s pod and talked about worldbuilding! You can check out the replay here. I had a great time and hope to be invited again to talk about some other topic eventually.

Sadly, this relative lack of writing progress was not caused by finishing the exam I mentioned last week. I’m just having a hard time with that for some reason, but it’ll just have to take as long as it takes. I’ve given myself a break from it over the weekend, but I’ll pick it back up again Wednesday, most likely (tomorrow I’m basically booked solid from 8am to midnight, hah). So what’s this week got in store for me, writing wise? Well, I was thinking I’d:

  • Finish my fanfic draft
  • Keep editing the patreon shorts.
  • Actually do some bloody flash fiction on Friday (in the morning, too, because I’m out in the evening).

That will have to do, I think. Another busy week…

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