Twice Fortnightly – That lovely smell…

…of printer ink!

IMG_4513This is the MS for my next big project. Rougly 105 pages which took my wee printer a good long time to write. I drafted this project during Camp NaNo in April, and it is chaos! It’s totally anachronic (not in a good way!) and has a bunch of viewpoint characters with very different lenghts of sections (two have a good 1/4 of the book each, some just have a chapter or two). I have so many decisions to make about this book. Depending on how I rewrite it, there are a few different genres, themes and sets of characters I could chose to focus on more than others which will make a big difference in what the end product looks like. It will be interesting for sure!

Other than finally printing this, this week I have:

  • Posted about maps (surprise!) for Worldbuilding Wednesday.
  • Posted a teeny tiny piece for Flash Fiction Friday.
  • Finished moving my poetry to a Scrivener project. It was fun, and a big cringe-worthy, to read some of my older stuff!
  • Posted some new haikus on my Wattpad: one, two and three.

It wasn’t quite as much as I would’ve prefered to get done, but it will have to do! For this week, the plan is to:

  • Plan the giveaway I’m going to be hosting when the PoD versions of the Orryn novellas are out. I didn’t manage it this week because my cover wraps aren’t done yet.
  • Edit an Arabic short story I wrote ages ago and recently got feedback from my teacher on.
  • Start reading through my printed MS.
  • Start working (again) on a “master list” of my writing projects”, where I can get an overview of my ideas and their stage of development.

And, of course, my usual Wednesday and Friday posts! I’ve made a tiny tweak to my “productivity block” system, too. I’m replacing “bonus blocks” for the weekends/evenings with simply “bonus time” since when I work in my spare time I am unlikely to sit down for longer periods of time. So I think just having a goal of bonus hours spread out however I like will be more useful.

Now, ladies and gents and others, the bf and I are going to sit down and check out the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Exciting!


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