Flash Fiction Friday – The Pillars

Once again, I almost forgot it was Friday. I think I should get into the habit of picking my prompt card earlier in the day, so I’m not always doing these pieces just before bed. Oh well, next week maybe… Here is today’s card. As usual, all credit to the awesome Dixit illustrators:


The Pillars

As the pillars sank into the ground, Matty looked up at the stars. They seemed closer now, closer than they’d ever been, and brighter. Their gentle twinkling seemed to scream of unprecedented opportunities.

Soon, the faces of those that came before would be worn into sand.

This feels very fragmented but I’m too tired to figure out what else is missing. I think it’s about societal changes, or maybe I’m just sleepy.

I swear, one day I will publish flash fiction that isn’t titled with just a noun in the definite. One day…

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