Twice Fortnightly – Eager Unfocused Beaver

It’s been a strange week, friends. Though after all the great things that happened, writing-wise, last week this one was bound to be a little bit of a let down either way. I’m in this mood where I want to work on all my writing projects at once and most days I’m vaguely irked that things like work, sleep, school and Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Eager Unfocused Beaver

Twice Forthnightly – Maybe the best week so far

Well, maybe not the best week of my life in general, but last week was certainly one of the best weeks in terms of writing, or post-writing. I got two five star reviews and was featured on 3 different blogs. Awesome. I have also: Done my daily writing… mostly. A few haikus, anyway. Make a list of potential titles for the sequel. It’s Continue reading Twice Forthnightly – Maybe the best week so far

Twice Forthnightly – Nameless Progress

I actually couldn’t remember exactly what I had put on my list for this week. Or rather, I thought I could remember but since I’d done everything I thought I must be missing something. Turns out I didn’t! This week I have: Done my daily writing, including a few test scenes for some ideas I’m tossing around for Camp in Continue reading Twice Forthnightly – Nameless Progress