Twice Forthnightly – Nameless Progress

I actually couldn’t remember exactly what I had put on my list for this week. Or rather, I thought I could remember but since I’d done everything I thought I must be missing something. Turns out I didn’t! This week I have:

  • Done my daily writing, including a few test scenes for some ideas I’m tossing around for Camp in April
  • Written a guest post and beta read a book for Zee Southcombe. I’ll be linking to the guest post as soon as it’s online.
  • Posted an article reviewing some Nerd Blocks from last year on Hubpages
  • Read through my first draft of Going Home‘s sequel and taken notes. Right now I’m mostly focused on larger changes, especially structural ones, which will be what I deal with in my first rewrite. I’ll leave the small stuff for later.
  • Gotten the most gorgeous compliments on Going Home from a friend. <3

Speaking of that sequel, I really must give it a name. It feels so silly calling it the sequel all the time. I find naming stories hard, though. Once or twice a story’s title has come easily but most of the time I find it hard and Going Home was nameless well into the later rewrites. I don’t want that to be the case with this one. So next week I will:

  • Do my daily writing
  • Make a list of potential titles for the sequel
  • Show the draft to two carefully chosen “pre-beta readers”, if you will, to get feedback on my potential structural changes
  • Write another Nerd Block review article on Hubpages. I have 3 unreviewed boxes from 2014 left and I’d like to get those done
  • Post here on the blog about the editing tool Pro Writing Aid

I really just want to put more things on the list because I’m in such a good and productive mood, but I’m making an effort not to overreach, especially since I do have school to think about as well.

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