Twice Fortnightly – Feedback! Sweet, sweet feedback!

Exciting news, guys! I got notes on Dress Rehearsal Rag from the first of my beta readers the other day. And let me tell you, they rock! So helpful. I’m going to start working through them later today, and hopefully notes from the others should come in later in the week. I always feel like a headless chicken when it comes Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Feedback! Sweet, sweet feedback!

Twice Fortnightly – Beta Time!

I did it guys, I finished my draft! I had a terrible writing week with a serious case of “end of book”-jitters, but in the weekend I finally pulled myself together and finished it. On Sunday, I sent it out to my lovely beta readers. Can’t wait to hear what they say! Other than that Did my daily writing on about Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Beta Time!

Twice Forthnightly – Nameless Progress

I actually couldn’t remember exactly what I had put on my list for this week. Or rather, I thought I could remember but since I’d done everything I thought I must be missing something. Turns out I didn’t! This week I have: Done my daily writing, including a few test scenes for some ideas I’m tossing around for Camp in Continue reading Twice Forthnightly – Nameless Progress