Spotlight – Christmas Faves

In lieu of a Worldbuilding Wednesday post, and with it being Christmas Eve (which for us Swedes is the big day of celebration, complete with opening presents and gorging ourselves on deliciousness) tomorrow, tonight I thought I’d bring you a short list of some Christmas media favorites of mine! Without further ado, let’s go: Love, Actually I feel like most Continue reading Spotlight – Christmas Faves

Worldbuilding Wednesday/Spotlight – My Favorite Conworlds

It’s been a looooong day, so I thought I’d do something quick and fun for today’s Worldbuilding Wednesday, namely a spotlight post about my favorite conworlds. I’ve realized lately that my favorite fiction franchises aren’t always synonymous with my favorite conworlds. For example, I love the Buffy franchise in many ways, but strictly in terms of worldbuilding it does a few Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday/Spotlight – My Favorite Conworlds