Twice Fortnightly No More

Today I came to a decision. Unlike far too many of my decisions, I can honestly say the entire process from thinking I should make a decision to actually making and executing it happened in the same day. The decision is this: I’m going to stop writing my Twice Fortnightly blogs.

I’ve been doing these weekly posts for quite a while. Since 2014, in fact, with over 150 posts in the Twice Fortnightly category on my blog. That’s a lot of posts! And honestly, I think they’ve outlived their usefulness. I used to find them fun to do. I don’t anymore, haven’t for a while. They used to be essential to me structuring my writing goals and planing my time. Now I do that sort of thing in my bullet journal anyway, usually the day before I do the blog and I find that format much more appealing. Blogging just becomes rehashing decisions I’ve already made. And let’s be honest: they’re not the most interesting things to read. For a while it felt good to be able to pop in to my blog weekly and show that I’d been active with my writing or complain about a problem I’d been having, but I don’t feel like I need to reassurance anymore: my bullet journal and rising word counts tells me how active I’ve been and if I need to vent, or celebrate, or ponder out loud… well, there’s Twitter for that. To put it briefly: I just don’t see the point in doing them anymore so I’m not going to do them anymore.

I’ll still be doing Flash Fiction Friday! Unlike my Monday posts, I still enjoy doing those very much and, I think, they’re a lot more fun to read. In fact, I’d really like to get back into posting other things besides my regular posts too. I’m not making any concrete plans for that yet, because my routine this term is still a bit up in the air, but who knows… with the half an hour or so I spend on Twice Fortnightly weekly, maybe I’ll be able to post something more interesting every once in a while. Let’s hope!

I will probably be premiering some sort of monthly roundup post, maybe in the end of February. I don’t feel the need to keep readers updated every week on every little thing I do, but a monthly post about how my projects are going, and with roundup links to Flash Fiction Friday posts and whatever else, seems like a good idea.

I’m not gonna miss these posts, I don’t think. I will miss the name though. It amuses me far more than it has any right to.

Thank you for reading, lovelies, and see you on Friday for some more flash fiction!

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