Twice Fortnightly – Getting There

I did a bit better with my time tracking this week! I still relied a bit too heavily on the 4TheWords automatic timer, with all it’s pauses, but toward the weekend I remembered to actually manually track my editing work. Go me! Overall my writing week had a bumpy start but got smoother, and hopefully I can carry on that smoothness into this week. Here’s what I got up to:

  • I cheated my way through Flash Fiction Friday via Prompt Poetry Priday! 😉
  • I had the tiniest of pokes on my February Patreon short.
  • I worked quite a bit on my polyam romance. I near-finished chapters 3-5, which is a chapter short of my goal, but I did some really good work with the rewrite so I’m pleased with it!
  • I spent 11 hours writing, at least according to my tracking. I think the truth might be closer to 13 which, if it’s true, is a pretty good number considering I had to cancel my stream for favor of a meeting on campus and never got around to my YT edits or my Smashwords formatting.

Bit of a wobbly week, as mentioned. There was a lot of staring at sentences in silence, but I got some really good results from my staring so I’m okay with that. For this week though, I’m dialing back on the rewrite a little to actually get the to-dos I neglected last week done. Hopefully it’ll consist of this:

  • Flash Fiction Friday! With fiction, not silly poetry!
  • Edit and upload a YT video.
  • Poke the February Patreon short further!
  • Finish rewriting chapters 3-5, then redrafting chapter 6 of my polyam romance.
  • Do Thursday Morning Tea Time​
  • Actually update the Orryn novellas on Smashwords.
  • I’m making my goal 18h this week! I’m stepping it up a bit! But I will also likely be back to temping this week, so for each day I get booked for a shift I will deduct a number of hours I deem appropriate depending on the gig in question. I think this week I will be more on top of my time tracking, too, so hopefully I’ll have an accurate number next week.

I’m actually pretty excited to be getting back to temping, as I didn’t do any temping last term and quite miss it. But of course I also hope it will be a good writing week! Bye, lovelies!

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