Twice Fortnightly – Coming Down From NaNo

So, another December has begun and another NaNoWriMo has been won. Last week was a tough one, to be honest. I won NaNo by the skin of my teeth and the last part of the draft was a bit of a mess as my outline got derailed by worldbuilding details that came up organically while I drafted. But I am still really happy that I won, and really excited to keep working on the project (eventually). I also had some stuff due at Uni so… rough week! As noticeable by the fact that I forgot to even post a Twice Fortnightly post last week. I managed 15h of writing though! And that was with the last three days (that is, post-NaNo) being very chill writing-wise.

The only thing I really worked on last week aside from NaNo was to start this year’s round of Adventboost posts – daily blog posts from December 1st to Christmas Eve, each featuring a marginalized artist, or a work by one such artist, that I recommend you all to check out. Today is the 4th, so as soon as I publish the post, I need to sit down and write today’s post (I started things a bit late today, hah).

So what does this week have in store for me:

  • 10h of writing. I need a bit of a post-NaNo cooldown, but I don’t wanna cool down too much.
  • Gathering up my NaNo chapters and getting a Scrivener-project set up for it, and probably jotting down some notes on what to do when I pick it back up.
  • A small bit of long overdue beta-reading.
  • My Thursday Morning Tea Time stream. Conlanging and flash fiction writing!
  • Speaking of that – getting back into Flash Fiction Friday and,
  • also doing Lexember – a “one new word a day” conlanging event that happens every December.
  • And most importantly: working on a short story that I’m submitting to an upcoming anthology at the end of the month. I’d really like to finish it next week so I have a week to get some feedback, too, so this’ll take up most of my time no doubt.

I’ve got some Uni stuff to work on too, but hopefully I’ll manage everything anyway. And now, on to my Adventboost writing!

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