Flash Fiction Friday – One of Those Days

Wooooah! I’m actually remembering to do Flash Fiction Friday, while it’s Friday! Go me!

The other day, I had what I thought was a really good idea for how to start a book. The problem was, it wasn’t a start that worked with any of the books currently on my to-write list. So here it is as a flash fic snippet instead:

One of Those Days

“Why the fuck isn’t my mouse working?” She swore, moments after unplugging it. Then she sighed, sat back in her office chair and rubbed her temples with her thumbs. It was just going to be one of those days. One of those days where everything goes wrong and busses were late and you have a headache and everything works against you. One of those days she’d had a million of before. In fact, she had one just a couple of days ago, last Tuesday, and it really wasn’t fair that she was having another one already. It was especially unfair since it was Friday and Fridays were supposed to be good days. Now she knew there was no point in going to the after work drink with her colleagues; someone would undoubtedly end up spilling red wine on her dress, and then she’d break a heel leaving the bar and then leave her bag on the buss and have to knock on Mrs. Kramer’s door in the middle of the night to ask for her spare key in order to get inside. She’d already been late for work, and burnt her tongue on her coffee, and been yelled at by her boss and now, apparently, lost all concept of how a mouse worked. One of those fucking days, like she’d had so many times before.

In the basement of the building, the rupture was growing in size. Already the tremors could be felt up to the fourth floor. Magma bubbled out of it, spilling onto the concrete. In the distance, the shrieks of the beasts drew nearer. Soon they would find the rupture.

She would turn out to be right. She would turn out to be wrong. It was one of those fucking days, but she’d never had a day like this before.

I feel quite please with it, actually. What do you think?

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