Flash Fiction Friday – Here, have some prompts!

Oh wow, it’s Friday… And it’s late. I’ve been to dinner at my parents’ house, and then I’ve been working on a birthday present for my bestie’s little girl, whose 2nd birthday party we’re going to tomorrow. It’s now 12:30 and my brain’s a bit too mushy for flash fiction I’m afraid. So instead of my usualy type of post, I’m gonna give you guys a little list of writing prompt resources! Here we go!

  • Dixit! Probably no surprise that this is on the list. One of my favorite boardgames, and a great source of image prompts. I just pull a random card and try to write a thing. In a similar vein, tarot decks, trading card decks, reference books for rpgs and other things, and really anything that will show you pretty, imaginate pictures!
  • Seventh Sanctum has a range of random generators, including several writing generators. I personally favor the Writing Prompt Generator and the What-If-Inator over the others.
  • The 3 A.M. Epiphany and The 4 A.M Breakthrough by Brian Kiteley are two books with 200 writing prompts each. I love these books! The prompts in them are generally quite limited in some way, which I consider to be a good thing. Each prompts states a target word count, and usually encompases a fairly narrow theme or technique, which in my opinion pushes you to explore new things and helps open your mind to new ideas. I really recommend them!
  • Writing Prompts subreddit. Reddit is a weird place and parts of it are probably better avoided, but this subreddit can be a lot of fun. There’s constantly new prompts being added, and it can also be quite instructive (and fun!) to read a range of pieces written in response to the same prompt.

I’m sure there are other sources of prompts I’ve neglected to include on this list, but these are the ones I personally use regularly. If you have any ones you recommend, let me know in the comments! Good night!

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