Twice Fortnightly – Sprinting Along

This past week’s been an odd one. I’ve forgone my usual productivity schedule on account of NaNo. The main reason for that is that I seem to be quite heavily dependent on Twitter word sprints to get things done (as I’m having trouble focusing) and as such it makes more sense for me to be writing when there’s sprints happening than to write at pre-set times. Then when there’s a lull in sprints, or when there’s a sprint too long for me to focus on (I’ve mostly been doing 5-15 minute ones) I’ll do other stuff, study or work on my worldbuilding. So I’m having a much more flexible schedule, which I think will last the month out. This week I have:

  • Had a good NaNo week! I’ve had a few slow days (today included, I’m at 1k now and I’m just so tired) but I’ve had some great days too and I’m about a day ahead. I’m just over 17k, which was my goal for the week, and the “par” for today is 15k so I’m happy about that.
  • Worked a bit more on my worldbuilding for my NaNo world. Now at I in the wikipedia legendary creatures list. This kind of research is such fun!
  • Posted a step-by-step guide to tectonic plates for Worldbuilding Wednesday!
  • Gotten shipping confirmation on the art prints for the giveaway. Don’t forget to join if you haven’t already!
  • Recieved my bookmarks for Going Home and Dress Rehearsal Rag. They’re printed two to a sheet so they need to be cut apart, but I hope to have a picture for you soon! I’m really happy with how they came out!

This week I will:

  • Keep doing NaNo! I’d like to have hit 30k by next Monday, which would put me about two days ahead of schedule. Thought to be honest, this book is going to need a lot more than two days worth of extra words before it ends. I’m pretty sure it will be 75k+ by the end (I’m awful at estimates, but still) by the time the story’s all written, but we’ll see how much of that will get done this month. I might leave some gaps and just write key scenes towards the end if I’m pressed for time.
  • Keep researching monsties!
  • Probably post another step-by-step for Worldbuilding Wednesday

That’s it! Better not pile on too much, especially if I wanna get ahead on NaNo. Have to go now, want to get another k down before bed!

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