Flash Fiction Friday – Running Wild

I’ve been thinking a lot about an idea I have, and my brain decided to keep working on it when I slept. This little snippet is the result. Hope you enjoy it!

Running Wild

“We’re going to try to be out for a week,” the young man says as he hands his backpack to Sanna and turns to help his girlfriend take hers off. “Really get in touch with our natures, you know. Ain’t that right, babe?” 

He grins at his girlfriend, and she grins back, appropriately wolfish. “That’s right!”

“That sounds great,” Sanna replies, but she knows they won’t be out a whole week. These young wolves always think they will just run around in their fur endlessly, but after a few days, they’ve had enough and return for their bags before heading back to their normal lives. Just a little youthful hubris. Nothing wrong with that. “And remember, if you need anything, even just a break, don’t hesitate to come back anytime.”

“Thanks!” the woman says. “We really appreciate it.”

The two lock eyes again, and then disappear outside and around the corner. A moment later, two lanky wolves run across the yard, leaping and yapping. At the edge of the woods, one of them stops and looks back, giving Sanna a cheerful bark before they both disappear in among the trees.

Shaking her head, Sanna goes around the corner to collect the neatly folded clothing left there. Together with the bags, she tucks them into the back of the closet until their owners return and sets about making her dinner.

When three days pass without the pair returning, Sanna is surprised, and just a little impressed. The next day, she grows concerned. On the morning of day six, Sanna trusts her inner wolf and picks up the phone. Sitting on the porch and peering into the woods, she waits for the people at the Institute to pick up. Something is very wrong.

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