Flash Fiction Friday – Broken Sky

I’m doing a thing this month on Mastodon I’m calling AdventPrompt, where every day I post a writing prompt (inspired, directly or indirectly, by my tea advent calendar). I am planning to keep most of the prompts for a rainy day, but this one caught me and as it is Friday I turned it into flash fic. Enjoy!

Broken Sky

The stars had flattened. Not one or two, but all of them. They stretched across the inky night sky like a warped weave out of a drunkard’s loom. It made her ill, just to look at it. She kept her head down now, all the time. When the sun went down, so did her gaze. She couldn’t stand to see it.

She’d told people about it, at first. They hadn’t believed her, not any of them. They looked up at the twisted sky and somehow, their denial was so strong they didn’t balk at the sigh. Didn’t admit to anything being wrong. Instead, they laughed at her. Called her wrong in the head if she didn’t laugh along and pretend it was all a joke. But she knew. She knew it wasn’t her that was wrong, but the night. And she knew what she had to do.

She had to fix the stars. 

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